How to Support?

The founders of M.A.D.E Men Mentoring thank you for viewing our website and contributing to our efforts to provide a support system for underprivileged young men in North Carolina. All donations, volunteering efforts, and suggestions are greatly appreciated. You can donate by supporting our GoFund Me page or sending a check.

*ALL checks must be written to "Volunteers For Youth: Made Men"*
GoFund Me

Would You Like to Volunteer?

We would love to have you be apart of our efforts to create a positive change in young men's lives!

Sign-up by submitting one of our Mentor-Sign Up applications! 

Why Should I Donate?
  1. Join A Cause
    This non-profit organization helps different groups of people with specific needs. A lot of the program's money is raised through donations. You, as a donor, would be lending a helping hand to the young men of North Carolina who are going down the wrong path, or who are in bad situations that they, as children, cannot change.
  2. Set An Example
    If you have a child or are influencial in a child's life, donating to a charity is a powerful illustration of how to care for others. It is a great way to examplify how you can be the change in the world, that you want to see. If you involve your children in choosing charities, you will instill within them a desire to share and serve, that will last throughout their lives. Grandchildren, nieces and nephews can also be influenced by your generosity towards others. Doing good deeds, like supporting non-profits and charities, will likely leave a lasting affect on children, and will encourage them to do the same when they are able.
  3. A Grateful Heart
    When our donors donate, they do so because their own personal gratitude has inspired them to empower others. One of our donors said it best when they said… “What an inspiration you are! Proud to support you. Proud of your work. Proud of the man you are!”
  4. Tax Deduction
    In the United States, the money you donate to charity can be taken as a deduction on your tax return. Although this isn’t the main reason some people suggest donating to charity, it is a nice bonus. Keep records of money or property you donate so you can itemize correctly on your tax forms. When you donate to charity, you’ll feel the satisfaction that only giving can bring.
 “Love is something, if you give it away, you end up having more.” 
-Malvina Reynolds