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McGrue Booker Sr. ​
Dec 16,1949 - Feb 25, 2016

This organization was founded in loving memory of my childhood mentor, McGrue Booker, who I fondly called, "Ole Man Booker." Ole Man Booker was instrumental in guiding me on my journey to becoming a college athlete, and soon-to-be graduate; something that I never believed was possible due to my unfavorable upbringing.
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Nazair(left), and Mr. Booker(right) in 2013, as Nazair committed to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hil

"Ole Man Booker's" Impact

As an outstanding member of society, Mr. Booker not only invested his time directly towards the growth and development of the youth in his community, but he also lived a selfless life that exemplified the teachings that he provided his mentees. 

Mr. Booker was a talented track star in high school and went on to play football at Eastern Arizona College. He eventually returned to Roanoke Rapids to coach football and track. In the eighth grade, he stepped into my life and changed my outlook on my potential success as an athlete, a student, and a man.
Before Mr. Booker, plenty of people had approached me wanting to “help” me get to the next level in life. However, I couldn’t help but feel as though there were strings attached to their services or an expectation that I would owe them if I were to become successful in the future. On the other hand, there was something undoubtedly genuine about Mr. Booker whenever we interacted. He truly had my best interest in mind, and he never handed anything to me; he made it clear that I would have to earn everything I wanted. He gave me access to resources and equipped me with tools to be the best football player I could be, a high school graduate, a college student, and an outstanding man. “Ole Man Booker” wasn’t just my coach; he was my mentor, my father figure, and my friend.
I am so grateful for the tools he passed down to me, and I feel I must pass them down to the next generation, especially to boys without father figures in their lives. I’ve always had a dream of starting a nonprofit, but it wasn’t until Mr. Booker passed away on February 25, 2016, that I made up my mind to get it started immediately.
After all of the tears dried, I got started.
M.A.D.E Men Mentoring Program is to be found in loving memory of Old Man Booker in hopes that we can change the culture of fatherlessness, miseducation, and incarceration among black men. The acronym M.A.D.E stands for Making A Difference Every Day to remind our participants that small changes every day in the right direction will propel them towards any dream they may have. I want to show young black men that with education, work ethic, core values, and a love for their community, they can be greater than any systematic setback engrained into their existence.
Our program is pleased to honor and continue the work of “Old Man Booker,” by providing younger generations of underprivileged and misguided young men a positive mentor so that they can also achieve something greater for themselves.

Thank you
"Ole Man Booker"