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Our Mission...
M.A.D.E Men Mentoring's mission is to provide a support system for underprivileged young men in North Carolina. Our efforts are aimed towards fostering academic, athletic, and personal growth within the youth by providing individualized mentoring and interactive programming. 
Ecourage and Support Academic Achievement
     ​​​Our program emphasizes the important role education plays in opening doors of endless opportunity for young black men. Through our events and mentoring program, we strive to instill this mindset into more young men around North Carolina. 
Instill a Winning Work Ethic
What is a M.A.D.E Man?
Whether in the classroom or on the field, a resilient work ethic is a MAJOR key to success. ​Our efforts to instill an unbreakable work ethic into the youth will involve our M.A.D.E Men teaching and exiplifying these core values. We will also build bridges between the young men in the community, and other students, athletes, and professionals who can share their personal experiences with them. 
           The acronym M.A.D.E stands for ​Making a Difference Every Day. This acronym reminders all of our participants that a small change in the right direction every day will propel them towards their dreams, and into a new realm of greatness that they did not realize was plausible. 

           In our program, we have made it our goal to better equipt these young men with tools that will help them thrive academically, athletically, and socially in a college atmosphere. With the help of our community and friends, we are committed to providing our participants with mentors who will create a motivating enviroment for these young men, and prime them to be productive members of society.

Teach Core Values of Manhood
      ​​The lack of strong male role models is plaguing the young black community, and MADE Men Mentoring is stepping up to help alleviate this ongoing issue. Mentors will pass down principles of manhood that include having a strong faith, family values, honorable character, and upstanding citizenship.
“You give little when you give your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”
- Kahlil Gibran
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